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If you’ve been injured at work and are seeking treatment, call Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare to book an appointment. Maine law allows injured workers to pick their own doctor after 10 days. Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare is independent and offers experienced physician care and second opinions. If you live in or around Scarborough, Maine, and you were hurt on the job, Vincent Herzog, DO, of Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare can help you find the treatment options that are right for you. Call to set up an appointment today.

Work Injury Q & A

What are the most common workplace injuries?

Depending on your job, you may have to deal with something like heavy machinery on a daily basis. But the most common workplace injuries are actually the ones you can’t see coming.

Overexertion injuries happen the most frequently. They often occur through lifting or lowering an object, especially while putting a lot of stress on the lower back, and can cause pain and loss of motion.

Slips, trips, and falls are also common and can cause anything from a sprain or broken bone to persistent joint pain or nerve damage.

Jobs that require working with heavy machinery or large vehicles, like manufacturing, shipping, and construction often lead to soft tissue injuries like sprains or lacerations and punctures.

How can I avoid workplace injuries?

Some of the easiest ways to avoid workplace injuries are:

  • Avoiding bending, twisting, reaching, or straining when lifting anything
  • Taking frequent breaks from physical work
  • Keeping a clean and tidy workspace
  • Wearing appropriate protective gear at all times, including wearing shoes with good traction

Why do I have back pain at work?

Back pain is another very common workplace malady, and it can come from the opposite extremes of overexertion or inactivity. If your job involves a lot of lifting or repetitive motion with your back, that could be the culprit.

If your job involves more time in front of the computer than on your feet, then it’s more likely that your posture or the amount of time you go between breaks is to blame.

What can I do to prevent back pain at work?

Making sure your seat is set as precisely to your ergonomic preferences as possible is a great first step toward eliminating back pain. Look for a chair with good lumbar support. Avoiding painful or straining motions or positions is also a good idea. For example, find a headset instead of crunching your phone between your ear and shoulder.

Take frequent breaks whether you work at a desk or in a warehouse, and try to stretch whenever possible.