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Whether you’ve had surgery, a chronic illness or a traumatic injury, the road to recovery does not end when you leave the hospital. Rehabilitation and physical medicine, ranging from exercises to massage are extremely important steps to long-term healing. Recovery is a process, often a long one, and nobody should go it alone. That’s why Vincent Herzog, DO, at Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare is ready to help people in and around Scarborough, Maine. If you’re interested in physical medicine and rehabilitation and, call the office or set up an appointment online.

Rehabilitation Medicine Q & A

What is rehabilitative care?

If you’ve had an injury, surgery or an illness that has affected your ability to move and has strongly tested your daily pain threshold or quality of life, then rehabilitative care is likely a solution for you. Rehabilitative care consultations focus on musculoskeletal and neurological problems, especially those caused by traumatic injury, illness or disability.

Because so many procedures and injuries require rehabilitative care, it can look different for everyone. It can be anything from a temporary measure to a constructive part of your routine for life. Some of the main reasons why people seek rehabilitative care are:

  • Sports injuries
  • Diagnosis of a chronic disease that can cause disability
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease and diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Adapting to a new walking device (cane, walker, etc.)

These are but a few reasons to seek a rehabilitative specialist; recovering from almost anything that has a profound or lasting effect on your body and its function will likely benefit from the help of a rehabilitation specialist.

What is rehabilitative care like?

The wide range of exercises and effective treatments means it’s difficult to predict what your rehabilitative care will involve. However, you can expect a few things no matter what.

On their first visit, patients meet with Dr. Herzog to get an idea of their needs and goals. He may ask what your pain level is, how well you move, or if you have difficulty sleeping, so try and notice these things in the days leading up to your appointment.

You may also take tests to measure your range of motion, your flexibility, and your posture  while you move.

Dr. Herzog will then explain which treatment or treatments is right for you, helping you understand everything from your exercises to the frequency of your appointments to your recovery goals. Your treatment could involve exercise, stretches, massage, or a device like a cane to help you deal with your injury temporarily.

Some people need only minor therapy and can continue their work on their own after a few appointments, whereas others benefit from more hands-on work with Dr. Herzog.

If you’re interested in setting up an appointment, call Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare or use the online scheduling tool below.