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Holistic medicine is an approach that treats you as a whole person rather than focusing merely on the symptoms you’re experiencing. Doctors who believe in a holistic approach may suggest using complementary or alternative care in addition to traditional treatments, and that a supportive, nurturing environment is extremely important. Vincent Herzog, DO, of Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare in Scarborough, Maine, offers patients all available options, so if you would like to find out if you could be healing faster or more effectively, call the office today or make an appointment online.

Holistic Medicine Q & A

What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is a philosophy that looks beyond symptoms to treat the patient as a whole, a person made up of interdependent components that affect your health. By incorporating the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of health, holistic medicine often incorporates complementary and nontraditional methods in conjunction with traditional medicine.

For example, if you have recurring headaches, your holistic-minded doctor may prescribe a series of exercises or diet and lifestyle changes in addition to the medication a traditional doctor provides.

Holistic medicine is rooted in the belief that comprehensive support are the most powerful healing forces you can find, so the approach places a premium on communication. By using all treatment methods available, adapting to your needs, and treating your condition as part of your bigger health picture, holistic medicine can make a big difference in the efficacy and speed of your recovery.

What kinds of treatments could I receive as part of holistic medicine?

The nature of holistic medicine makes this a tough question to answer because your treatments will be based entirely on your goals, your injury, and countless other mental and physical factors. However, holistic medicine commonly includes:

  • Education on lifestyle changes, like diet and sleep habits
  • Psychotherapy or counseling, or other mental and emotional wellness treatments
  • Complementary medicine, like massage therapy, or acupuncture
  • Traditional medication
  • Surgery

Dr. Herzog will likely recommend a combination of these techniques to treat your condition at its root, not just mask its symptoms. Dr. Herzog can perform many of these procedures himself, or he can refer you to a specialist.

How do I know if holistic medicine could help me?

The principles of holistic medicine can be applied to virtually any illness or disease, so regardless of what is bothering you, you should ask your doctor about a holistic approach to treatment.

Dr. Herzog’s commitment to his patients means he believes in using multiple types of treatment that a patient is comfortable with, so ask him for more information about how you could integrate complementary or alternative medicine into your treatment.

If holistic medicine sounds like it could help you, call the office at Maine Rehabilitative Healthcare today, or make an appointment online.